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Welcome to Forever Fit Fitness Center Watertown, Ma!

When you first enter Forever Fit you will immediately realize that you are in a very unique facility. We will listen to you intently and provide you with the best possible solution for your specific needs. Unlike other facilities, there is never any pressure to join. We only ask that you try us out and decide for yourself if we are a good fit. If you are an experienced exerciser who has the ability to get results on your own we have all the equipment that you will need but if you are like most people and you struggle to reach your fitness goals, we are definitely the place for you! If you join our Personal Training, Boot Camp or CrossFit programs we will provide you with the guidance, motivation, accountability and nutrition knowledge necessary for you to attain lasting results!

Simply put we promise to deliver life changing results in a realistic time frame!


Forever Fit has been voted the #1 Rated Health Club and Fitness Center in the Greater Watertown area since 2006 and 70% of our business comes by referral!



Super Green! Newton / Watertown

Spring is here! In fact, based on all the floating pollen in the air, its been here for a while now. 


None the less, it is a time to be outdoors again!


But being under the glorious sun can be draining. The scary part is, at times, we don't realize how draining it could be. So here's something to keep you cool, hydrated and ready to mow the lawn again, trim those hedges, plant them tulips and stay healthy!


I call it the The Super Green. It similar to all those drinks you see at your supermarket but a whole lot fresher!


Let's start with some ingredients:


1 - 2 Cups of Water

1 - 2 cups of Green Grapes

(Skin and all... well, maybe no seeds)

1 Green Apple

(cut into blendable chuncks. skin off or on, your choice but I like em on.)

1 Cuccumber

(Peeled and also cut into blendable chuncks)

1 1/2 cups of Kale

(Just the leaves, remove ribs)

*use the smaller leaves of kale as the large ones tend to be more bitter

1 cup of either Frozen Pineapples or Mangos

(I know I said it would be green, why are we adding none green things? it'll taste good thats why. Plus all the vitamins are good too.)

*If possible, cut fresh fruit day before and set aside small amounts to be frozen


1/2 Cup Parsley

1/2 Cup Lemon 

(No seeds please... No rind either)

1/4 cup of Ginger

(Diced... Heck, minced if you have the patience.)

* Gingers a great root! it aids in the absorbtion and assimilation of essential nutrients in the body. Plus, I like a good kick!


Now that we've prepared our ingredients, do we just throw everything in the blender?

YES, but a few points first.

The main reason the measurements are not specific is simply because all blenders are not created equally. (how unfair, I know) Also, some folks may like their smoothies thicker and full bodied. Others may not.  

Therefore I suggest the ever faithful taste test! Does it need more grapes? Strange, this cuccumber is smaller than normal. 


Its time to get messy, make mistakes and have fun!


Let me know what you think! I really do love adding the ginger to it. 

Love it or hate it message me at or through facebook