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Forever Fit is Watertown and Newton’s Premier Health Club and Fitness destination. Forever Fit is not just the name of our gym. It is our mission. Our primary goal is to support our members in leading a more healthy and fit lifestyle. In short, we are committed to helping the community we serve by offering the most positive, motivating, and supportive fitness option in Watertown and Newton MA.


Forever Fit has been voted the #1 Rated Health Club and Fitness Center in the Greater Watertown area since 2006.





I Lift Things Up, Then Put Them Down - Newton / Watertown

Aerobic excercise, such as walking, jogging, swimming or use of cardivascular machines like treadmill, elliptical or cycle has many excellent health benefits. But what about Strength training? It always seems to be ignored. Sometime ago we posted about the bigger myths of weight training in the hopes that we could shed some light on why it isn't as scary as it appears to be. 

But what about the benefits? There must be a reason as to why we lift, it cant be just because it's fun. 


I. Resistance Training is crucial to weight management.


Training can provide up to a 15% increase is metabolic rate. A higher metabolism means our bodies are more efficient at processing and consuming calories.


In tandem with cardiovascular work and a proper training schedule, we can dramatically decrease the risk of heart and renal disease, and diabetes. Those who do have diabetes will have improved glucose control and be able to better manage the illness.


II. Helps muscle process oxygen


When our muscles proccess oxygen more efficiently, it allows the muscle to work longer. An over all increase in endurance can benefit any person or athlete. Hey all you runners, can you imagine running longer, further than you've ever run before?


III. Makes getting older more fun


As we enter our twilight years, we'll find that we aren't as spry as we once were. There is an increased fear of falling, or sometimes even being active over all.


Lifting weight with proper technique and achieving a full range of motion through each movement can incraese a persons flexibility and strenght in that flexibility.

It helps tune up our nervous system and this improve our balance and coordination, motor contol and have an over all upsurge in brain usage. 

Keeping our muscles working and moving fights of sarcopenia and increases bone density. Thus reducing the risk of fractures.



There you have it. There are many more benefits to lifting weight. There are also many kinds of weight training (e.x. Functional Fitness) But simply put, lifting weight slows the physiological clock, makes us and keeps us strong. 


When we become grandparents, or if we already are, weight training will keep us going.


...Going to pick up our grandkids when they fall...

...Going to bring all the groceries up and out of the car...

...Going up and down the stairs...

...Going dancing...

...Going for long walks or hikes...

...Getting up if we fall...


... Just Going... 


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or come to Forever Fitness Center in person to chat. 


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